Monotype Announces Helvetica Now Variable!

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Maintaining the classic Helvetica simplicity, the latest launch gives new designers the opportunity to be more flexible and express themselves with digital versatility.

The Monotype Studio just released a variable version of the world’s most popular font, which provides the audience with millions of fonts in one file. Unlike the new one, the previous font formats required each style in a family to have a separate file whereas Helvetica Now Variable wraps the DNA for each style into one tiny package.

Designers now have the freedom to blend weights, from hairline to extra black and optimal sizes, four-point to infinity and use new compressed and condensed widths for huge flexible typographic expression. They can also move through the entire sequence to seamlessly mix, match and custom create millions of variations on the theme.

Image resource: Monotype

This also allows designers to add in an extensive width axis to help them fit more into less space. This serves as a responsive design for the web or for small supports like smartwatch screens or micro packaging.

Image resource: Monotype

Helvetica Now Variable Pro Roman and Pro Italic can be found via Monotype Fonts, or you can get it from MyFonts.com priced at $299 or €329 each. The Helvetica Now Variable Family Pack costs $499 or €549, although there’s an introductory offer of 60 percent off until 27 August 2021.

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