Thoughtfully mixing Realism with Conceptualisation

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Concept & visual artist from Mumbai, Medha Srivastava takes us through what really motivates her work and depictions. Likewise, she introduces us to the process by which she executes what she wants to convey onto the canvas, merging realism with animation.

What makes you merge realism with animated effects across your works, and in what way does it contribute to your style?

Medha Srivastava: I express myself better through art and, so, when I feel deeply touched by a social issue, it begins to manifest thoughts into my head and gradually bring to life an artistic representation. Being a keen observer, I also tend to pay attention to details in my surrounding vicinity and that helps me pick up on textures, shapes, colours and the likes that I see every day.

What are the tools that you apply to bring about this merger, and how do they help to execute that effect?

Medha Srivastava: It usually begins with doodling variations of my thoughts onto paper, before going onto the final piece that is digitally created and developed using Adobe Photoshop integrated with a digital sketchpad (Wacom). Also, it proves to be quite useful to be able to edit, undo or backtrack on certain elements so that I can accommodate changes and adjust details according to what I would want to finished design to look like.

What fascinates you as subjects for your work?

Medha Srivastava: As I have always been fascinated with realism, conceptualisation and ideation. The whole idea of metaphors and thought-provoking depiction of art is something which I am naturally drifted to. Concepts and character building are of primary precedence as they align with my main intent in any artwork of mine.


Also, I have always followed the importance of light and shadow in my artworks too. Social issues, particularly, have always inspired me to create further.

How would you describe your style of work and the perspective behind it?

Medha Srivastava: My style of work is mostly realistic with a hint of stylisation and conceptualisation. The love of putting realism into my artwork eventually helps me to incorporate realistic elements in my paintings. Initially, I started with mere illustrations and slowly got inclined towards the world of concepts.


I think as an artist, I need to keep an open mind as I don’t know where technology, opportunities and my work will take me.

Many things have changed in design, during past few years, and the trends are shifting very rapidly. So, in the new year, what are your predictions for your genre of design?

Medha Srivastava: In my opinion, the digital art will pick up the brisk pace in the year 2018. A decade ago, digital art wasn’t as recognised as traditional art but it is pleasing to see so many artists developing an interest towards it. Additionally, having prior experience as a game artist, I believe that the gaming industry in India is set to blossom in the coming years and there will be extensive opportunities for upcoming artists in our country.

Likewise, what are the changes that you, personally, would like to see in 2018?

Medha Srivastava: I would like to see, in 2018, artists showing emphasis on various other subjects such as fantasy, sci-fi or even self-developed new concepts and ideas.


Another significant trend I would like to witness is that of artists showing dedicated importance to the stages of pre-production which include concept development, character creation, and environment designs.

Published in Issue 41

Every year brings many opportunities and hopes along with celebrations. For this issue, we reached many visual artists and designers to know their expectations from the year 2018. This issue’s cover designer, Shreya Gulati is exceptionally impressed by the advancement of technology in design, especially how VR & AR has impacted new ways of creating.

Honing and sharpening one’s skills is always a quest for every creative. So, whether you have many or none expectations for the year, this issue is a must-read.


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