Meroo Seth

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Meroo Seth

Meroo Seth, from UP, got trained in the art of Graphic design from MIT Institute of Design, Pune. Having interned at Chumbak, she currently works on illustrations, branding, etc. in a Motion Graphic Design studio, Breakfast of Champions, in Pune. Her recent Projects have been Get Grubs Branding, The Hangout Café and Elixir Shop Essential.

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The season of the festival has started and everyone is preparing to have a unique one this time with less cash and more fun. We interview many creatives who creates promotional or calendar design each year. As most of the thing around us had shifted to digital, even calendar design and the promotion has shifted. But <span class="il">Yorick</span> Pintos, a strategic consultant at studio Kohl suggests that best option would be to a mix of both, the traditional and digital media. Digital Illustrator Nithin Rao Kumblekar also shared his love for the printed calendars and emphasis on the effectiveness of it. With many unique inspirations, advice and project showcase this issue is a must have if you are interested in print design & want to understand the future of the same. So, go ahead and order your latest issue copy!

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