Take a Look at Dreams Through the Mind of Man

Dreams through Mind of Man
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High thought about the future is inseparable from the mind of a man. It’s the dreams that define his character. And hence, holds an important place in shaping up his expectations. Rupinder Singh attempts to interpret this relationship between a man and his expectations in a surrealist manner through his poster, Live your Dream.

Step 1

Started sketching in Illustrator. It’s best for drawing geometric shapes. Took reference from a few crystal images to understand basic shape, texture and angles of a crystal.

Step 2

Created random collage of cloud images in Photoshop. Imported the Illustrator file (crystal outline file) into this Photoshop document. Cut a cloud image into fragments with a layer mask and the Magic Wand tool (W). Used the line work/outline layer to make the selection and hide the part of the image that needs to go.

Step 3

Repeated the previous steps to get an overall image similar to this. After all the areas were filled, merged all those layers to lower the file size. Left it for a while and created a new file in Photoshop for background design.

Step 4

Created the background using few high-resolution stock images such as, green field, an old man and few clouds that gave a dramatic look to the sky.

Step 5

Arranged all those stock images in different layers and made them black and white. Deleted the extra sky on the field image using a very soft brush and replaced it with the more dramatic and textured sky.

Step 6

Imported that giant crystal and adjusted its highlights and shadows using Image>Adjustments>Curves. The design was almost done. Added some details like lights, shadows and textures.

Step 7

Made two copies of the crystal and placed them on two different sides. Added some Gaussian blur to make them look out of focus. This would create depth in the design. Also created shadows wherever required.

Step 8

Added reflection and shine using white coloured normal round brush with 0% hardness and 100% opacity.

Step 9

Created light strokes of around 50% opacity and placed them wherever required. This added details and depth to the design.

Step 10

Created one curves adjustment layer and adjusted highlights and shadows.

Step 11

Created a new layer just below the light and shine layers and added the above texture to it. Scaled it to fit the canvas and changed its layer property to ‘Soft Light’. Got that vibrant coloured texture.

Step 12

Created a new layer and filled it with blue colour. Changed its layer property to ‘Exclusion’. This gave a cold temperature to the image.

Step 13

Added text on the top. Final image

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