More than just a Jutti in a Box

Punjabi Jutti
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Tasneem Syed and Gauri Arora share their idea of niche, worthy packaging for traditional Punjabi Juttis, a traditional hand-crafted footwear that is very much an intrinsic part of North Indian culture.

Punjabi Jutti


A Punjabi Jutti is traditional hand-crafted North Indian footwear. Like any other footwear, they are generally presented to customers in simple shoe boxes, or sometimes even in the newspaper. The idea, thus, was to retain their elegance into traditionally authentic packaging, representing the roots they stem from.

Punjabi Jutti


The packaging of Punjabi Jutti – The sole of Punjab, should be compact and unique, just like the Punjabi Juttis. The hexagonal shape makes it convenient for storage, as it consumes little space, while it is also easily stackable when displaying in stores and transporting in bulk. The box can be used for display, which doubles-up as the packaging. It also comes along with a jute string attached, to make carrying the shoes more convenient.

Punjabi Jutti


This is taking a step away from the conventional shoe boxes, and towards enhancing the whole experience of selecting, buying, packing and taking home a pair of Punjabi juttis, making it a memorable one. The transparent lid enables a person to have a look at the design of the jutti inside the box, without having to open it, and even allows the shopkeeper to pull out the desired Punjabi jutti while it is stacked on the shelf.

Punjabi Jutti

Published in Issue 37

The issue includes interactions with Preeti Vyas from VGC on ‘How to pitch for clients or retain the existing one’ and Ashish Deshpande from Elephant on ‘Challenges of working with a startup’, along with some best freelancers like Archan Nair, Shreya Shetty and Paul Sandip, sharing their knowledge of working with various clients. Also, Sachin Puthran from Thatzit.com gave a 10-point no-nonsense guide for studios to handle their finances. A must read, if you are planning for the financial year ahead or worried about your handling your money matter, this issue can give you much-needed insight and guide you to a better financial health of your business or freelancing.

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