Joining the Dots to Make the Harmonious Patterns

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Visual Designer, Khushboo Shree, takes us through her process of doodling intricate patterns and connecting them to generate a larger image; one that depicts and symbolises the strength of their harmonious co-existence.

Always inspired by beauty and aesthetics as a concept, be it nature, people, patterns or poetry, Khushboo feels she’s just providing a hand-drawn pathway for others to experience a similar perception. Therefore, her idea behind the patterns and motifs is based on few simple elements like dots, border strings, tangles and their shared relationships.

There is no set process she follows. She first sketches with pencil, then starts the detailing process. The most crucial part though is ideation, which involves connecting various pieces together for a concept. Sometimes, she looks at a subject and draws; but mostly, it is part of her imagination.

Khushboo uses fine pigment pens to illustrate, and techniques like stippling and repetitive patterns to capture the details of a subject. The designs are a natural progression for her; once she’s drawn a basic framework in her mind, it all comes together during the execution, in a single flow.

Published in Issue 39

As the festivity is all around, every brand or business is trying to impress the Indian audience. But what really works for us Indians? What is an Indian design? And how we can make designs for India? To understand it, we interviewed some Indian creatives who are successfully creating designs for the Indian audience.


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