Unpacking Indifference!

With a decade of experience and a passion for pushing boundaries, Yogesh Bhusare draws inspiration from collage art, he pushes boundaries to create striking compositions that captivate audiences.
Unpacking Indifference!

Discovering the Heart

Yogesh’s 'Who Cares' series dives deep into society's pervasive indifference. Drawing from real-life encounters, each collage bursts with vibrant colours and eclectic images, challenging viewers to confront their own apathy. This series serves as a visual wake-up call, pushing us to rethink our connections with others and the world around us. Yogesh invites us on a journey that asks the tough question: Who really cares?

The Style and Technique

In the 'Who Cares' series, Yogesh blends collage with bold, dynamic compositions. Each piece features intricate layers, merging various materials and textures to create a visually rich experience. The contrasting images and unexpected pairings add depth, inviting viewers to delve into the human experience's complexities. Through this approach, Yogesh aims to stir emotions and spark conversations about empathy and the cost of indifference in our lives.

Art’s Role in Social Awareness

Yogesh believes art is a powerful way to highlight social issues and build empathy. By translating complex ideas into emotionally resonant visuals, art captivates and engages audiences. It brings abstract concepts to life, giving a voice to those often unheard. Art challenges our perceptions and inspires meaningful conversations and actions toward positive change.

Join Yogesh in this thought-provoking exploration, as the "Who Cares" series dares us to question our own indifference.

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