Translated From Traditions and Culture

Translated From Traditions and Culture

Living the old culture and traditions of the past through your own family is a rarity today. Shreyank Naik, an illustrator is lucky to have experienced this and shows us how it influenced his work.

Shreyank's exposure to his uncles' abstract paintings impacted his thought process in a way that he chose to major in the field of art at a very young age. The culture of arts and traditions that he was exposed to since a kid has helped him shape his career in this field.

With a passion to explore how the traditional art and techniques of art can be expressed in a digital manner, Shreyank likes being old-school and uses the age-old methodology of sketching on paper and sorting patches according to various design elements, followed by their digitalisation to explore new styles and their variations. He chooses the styles that are representative of him in terms of his thinking and his mind.

With his creative mind bent towards liking extremes, Shreyank's major project, Amanav is based on the lifestyle of Aghoris as it is a topic of immense discussion in the society.

His series called 'Real life illustrations' defines abstract art by the exaggeration of the basic shapes of life, with a bit of influence of fictional stories.

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