Portraits with Bubble Wrap

Portraits with Bubble Wrap

Bradley Hart gives pop art and pointillism a new twist with a unique choice of medium. Bradley creates pixilated photorealistic pictures by injecting paint into bubble wrap. Yes, the packaging material. He painstakingly injects each bubble with acrylic paint where the excess drips onto the back of the piece. He then carefully removes the drippings from the plastic to reveal the final piece.

Based in New York, Bradley's "The Bubblewrap Proposition" features portraits, landscapes, abstract concepts, and even some hybrid pieces (canvas and bubble wrap). Conceptually, he draws a parallel with digital media and the manual creation of "pixels" in his work while keeping true to album creation and traditional painting.

He also makes it a point to recycle all the materials used as much as possible, highlighting the irony of using mass-produced single-use items for delicate physical artistry.

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