Sports Illustration Mastered by Shreedhar Sutar

Sports Illustration Mastered by Shreedhar Sutar

Sport makes the heart race and the world stop. Such action, speed and momentum when captured through design, create vitality that is hard to miss. Shreedhar Sutar, an Illustrator and Art Director, believes in understanding and tapping into the USP of the subject in order to do justice to expectations and final outcomes.

Raw in look and feel, Shreedhar uses his favorite tool - his hands, to sketch ideas that the brief demands before loading them onto the computer where the designs get their finishing touches. Inspired by random images that people post on Facebook, Shreedhar pays tribute to various national and international sports by creating sports illustration (artworks) that get hearts thumping and people jumping. It's definitely a win.

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Step by Step Tutorial by Shreedhar Sutar:

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