Hybrid Fashion Identities of Foreign Return

Hybrid Fashion Identities of Foreign Return

For people, in this case Indians, who spend a considerable part of their lives abroad, what makes for a home? The search for the Identities of the diasporic Indian population prompted Meera Sethi to undertake this series, Foreign Returned.

Influenced by her visual backgrounds of medieval India and contemporary contexts, Meera set out to capture mixed identities through time and space, inspired by her own experiences across India, Canada and Australia. Each figure carries objects, images and personal histories of belonging and dislocation. Each figure is searching for something, perhaps it is home, perhaps it is a place to put down the suitcase.

Although these are portraits of contemporary wanderers, the clothing is inspired by Rajput and Mughal miniature paintings as this is how the experience of migration from India to the west can be visually depicted. The radical juxtaposition of aspects of one's self show collapsing of time and space, of identities past and present. By creating a contradiction between what is worn and what is held, the intention is to suggest the ways history interrupts and/or creates our journeys.

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