Creating Masterpieces with Every Grain of Salt!

Toronto-based artist Bashir Sultani has a unique approach to art, showing no fear of superstition as he spills salt to create stunning, temporary masterpieces.
Creating Masterpieces with Every Grain of Salt!

Originally from Afghanistan, Bashir first gained internet fame around 12 years ago when his early celebrity salt portraits went viral. Although those works remain impressive, Bashir has since evolved his craft.

Instead of using just plain salt on a black background, he now incorporates coloured salt to create detailed images by carefully sprinkling it onto a dark plate.

Using simple tools like a razor blade and Q-tips, Bashir arranges the salt on a black canvas to depict actors, singers, beloved movie characters, and other iconic personalities. Though his videos make the process appear effortless, it's clear that such creations require immense patience and talent.

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