Illustrations Capturing the Cosmic Chaos of India

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Just like the cosmos, when you see India for the first time everything seems chaotic and yet every Indian person finds his/ her own order in that hustle which all goes in tandem. Pavan Rajurkar a freelance illustrator based out of Mumbai, capture this Indianness perfectly in his illustrations for many different brands and studios. Some of his recent illustrations have been displayed here.

Natural Ice Cream

Ice Cream from Colaba


Title: Natural Ice Cream

Studio: Drink Water Design, Mumbai


The Illustration was created for Natural ice cream, Colaba, Mumbai. As they wanted to capture the feel of Mumbai’s famous place Colaba. For that, the Colaba Causeway has been kept at the centre of the illustration and around it used other monuments like Gateway of India, Taj hotel, and some vintage jewellery shops with details of the architecture.

Also included some of the element which helped in capturing the feel of Colaba like photographers at the Gateway, Parsi people, tourists, pigeons, cats, ferryboats, painters at Colaba and many more small elements. A limited colour palette with a flat colour style has been chosen to create a harmony between so many elements.

Society Masala Tea

The Masala of Indianness

Illustrations - Indian digital Artists

Title: Society Masala Tea

Studio: Black Swan Life, Mumbai


The client asked to capture the cacophony of India in a single visual with a unique style of illustration. The illustration highlights the everyday life of India and the contrasting cultures, landscapes, people, actions, cities, flora & fauna of India.

The illustration has been used for Society Masala Tea’s print & outdoor communications of ‘Masala of Indianness’ campaign. The illustration not only sucks you in to find many relatable elements but also perfectly capture the order in a chaos of Indian life.

Culture Trip

City Scene of Mumbai


Client: Culture Trip, London


The Culture Trip, London approached to create a timeless illustration of Mumbai for their location webpage of Mumbai. Being a notable landmark or architecture of Mumbai, chose the Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus (CST) as the central point of the illustrations. The life movement around is being captured with the help of people from different walk of life doing regular chores, buses and taxis and more. Being the busiest time of the city, the dusk is chosen as the time of the day!

The colour palette has been kept limited as a lot going on in illustration. The tone and style are inspiring, immersive, atmospheric and timeless as the illustration could be displayed for many years.

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