Versatility and having a unique point of view goes hand in hand!

Every designer develops a style, which can be seen through his or her work. No matter which medium you choose to work in, it is this unique point of view that gives an identity to the artwork. Shreya Gulati gives an insight about her bold and quirky work and delves deep into the process that helps her achieve this style.

Upstox Branding. Upstox is a new upcoming platform for trading and investing in India. The posters are essentially composed with illustration, using the brand’s colour palette. Created this universe, inspired by isometric 3D graphics, which then mixed up with typography.

Deconstructing The Subject.

Shreya enjoys in fragmenting the illustration and having fun with each part as it allows her the freedom to create something different each time. Working on individual parts rather than the whole gives her the bold, clean and quirky style that is clearly visible in her illustrations. Bright colours, striking graphics and playful characteristics are synonymous with her style. She loves creating characters and building stories around them. Designing contains many permutations and combinations of applying art and problem solving methodologies. The vastness and the limitless possibilities fascinate her and this lends very unconventional and experimental expressions in her designs.

Still from the Video ‘Financial Management’. This is a still from a series of 12 videos that were developed as part of ENV initiative STAND (Support for Training, Advocacy and Networking for Development) program. The treatment and style frames were quite challenging part of this project as Kuwait has such a diverse target audience. Hence chose to use flat and infographic styling with the combination of bold strong colours.

Versatility is the Key.

She does not believe in any one particular style but likes to experiment with different palettes, treatments and line work according to the subject matter. Not being bound by any precondition and taking the flexibility to explore different mediums and have fun with it makes her each piece unique. Moving effortlessly through mediums her versatile style of work has taken her through illustrating a children’s book to designing an app for stock trading.

Pseudo Sapera. This project was a twist on an iconic Indian folk art of Snake Charming. As the charmer in a traditional red turban tries to get the snake out of the basket, he is surprised by a variety of animals coming out of the basket and dancing to his tunes. But will the cobra dance to our charmer’s tunes? The project tried to depict the eccentric awesome humour that Channel V is synonymous with.

Inspiration from the Subconscious.

Inspiration is not something that is acquired but it is the objects, visuals, words or anything that influences you and seeps into your memory. She draws inspiration from memory, sometimes by referring to her Tumblr dashboard which is constantly evolving as she travels and records the inspiring things that she sees around her. Sometimes she also refers to the artworks of the artists she adores. She loves drawing human forms, especially female, mostly not clothed. Human anatomy and sex are the two subjects she enjoys exploring the most.

Pop Stickers. Created for publicity of Trip Creative, the inspiration for the characters on the totem came from the employees within the company. It was fun trying to capture the quirks of the four peeps who made the company what it is.

Design is Therapeutic.

She doesn’t have a defined design process but lays emphasis on research and scavenges for information. Whether it is watching a movie, reading an article or a book everything influences her in some way or the other. At times, the trigger is found right away if not then she analyses the data thoroughly and doesn’t stop till the cue is found. Solution lies in understanding the problem in depth and drawing a clear brief. It is sheer joy when your target consumer is happy with the product and you see your designs being accepted and becoming a part of your users. She enjoys designing thoroughly and finds it very healing and therapeutic.

Obot Character. Obot is an eccentric, buoyant and an energetic robot, which expresses itself through an assortment of musical notes. It’s made completely out of musical instruments and is all about music. So is 9XO. No bullshit, just music.

Seeing Excellent Work Pushes.

In case of a creative burnout or when she feels creatively exhausted, she loves to surf the Internet to see some brilliant work. At times, images, visuals or powerful words that might not be directly connected but seem to have an impact, infuse great ideas. Being exposed to the great work being produced inspires and influences to push the bar further. Seeing good work inspires her but when she finds some extraordinary work it motivates her to push harder and work to achieve greater heights. The amazing and boundless world of design keeps unfolding in mysterious ways inspiring to work more and more.


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