How important is it to stick to your roots?

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Arshad Sayyed is a passionate designer who makes a conscious effort to excel by following his aspirations while implementing basic design principles and advancing technology. He is an illustrator who is open to client interference while sticking to his belief ‘to fill every heart with an art.’

Modern Apsara

Simplification is art and art lies in everything around us; with this belief “Wallcano” has been creating some exquisite art pieces using less and creating more. Arshad chooses his subjects carefully as they act as the constants around which the execution and style rotate. He believes that black is a colour of darkness and depth, while white represents brightness and rise. When both mixed, they create magic; much like his latest art piece where black has been used extensively as white brings out the details.


Religious scriptures, college and school day teachings and the bustling life of passersby help Arshad to develop his style and recover from a creative burnout. He urges artists to stick to their roots and recall old, treasured memories



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