How does traveling make you a better designer?

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Shantiniketan, Hyderabad and now in Hungary, studying and working in this diverse environment have given Sukanto Debnath a vision to cater to a range of clientele and dip his feet into a global palette of art and culture.

People in Groups. Capturing Hungarian locals with elaborate facial features along with their unique body language.

Not Staying Put.

The best part about working in a creative field is coming to something new every morning; Sukanto Debnath has been fortunate enough to have carved his niche in India and abroad for his style of work, designs and unique approach. Starting his career in animation right after his formal education ended to a point where he freelances from his base in Hungary. This global artist has been influenced by his changing surroundings and exposure to different cultures.

Boys, Tattoos and Wheels. A poster tribute to the cool boys! A fluidic depiction of tattooed boys on their BMX bikes and kick scooter.

To Do or Not To Do?

The eternal question of how much detailing is too much gets simplified through Sukanto’s thought process and his extensively detailed yet sketchy illustrations. With a deep thought behind every piece, clearly represent an experienced animator who is showcasing some lesser explored human behaviour and body language.

Ancient Warriors. A group of ancient warriors complete with their armour and posing in regular human behaviours like panting, forgetting, falling asleep.

Signature Sukanto.

Every artist has his own signature style, something that sets him apart. Sukanto has evidently achieved that through his illustrations and completely understands his zone. Although his work comes under a particular shadow, there isn’t a shred of repetition or dullness. Yes, the tones are muted and there are a lot of portraits but the sheer excellence in capturing the typical human essence is commendable.

Assassin Nuns of Pistachio. Illustration for the book “Assassin Nuns of Pistachio”, complete with the church set in hills, grasslands blooming and the main characters of the book in the centre, all of them ready for a read!

Diversity, a True Teacher.

Getting a formal degree in art got Sukanto a job as an animator but how he has developed over the years is what elevates him from the regulars; he believes that diversity in the form of travels and exposure to various folk arts and cultures can open up an artist’s mind to think beyond the usual and result in mature design. This particular trait has made him produce very unique characters that are simple and not overly dramatic.

Assassin Nuns of Pistachio. Illustration created for a book by Manish Anand, published under Penguin Books. Ninja nuns scaling

Survive the Dreaded Block!

Running out of ideas or getting stuck while developing a particular theme is a common challenge that has bothered artists since the beginning of time. Sukanto tackles these by regular breaks and indulging in other forms of art such as movies, which clears his head. He then comes back to his board with a fresh mind and ready to pen down his creative awesomeness! He believes art should be fun, challenging and demanding but still fun.

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