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As most of young designers dream of starting their career with the top studios but dreaming is not enough says Vinita Jakkal, a Post Graduate in Graphic Design from MIT Institute of Design, who is currently working with Elephant Design, Pune. She shares the tips, which may help you make your dream come true.

If you really want to get placed in your dream company, you need to be on your toes from the very first day of your college. Dreaming is good but doing nothing for that dream every day is not. No matter how philosophical or boring it sounds (even I felt the same when I was in college) but it’s the truth I learned over past 6 years of my design experience. Start by choosing the company with a must do basic research on company portfolio and it’s market reputation and most important what you want to learn from it. Also understanding the scope for individual growth and aspirations.

Your design portfolio, which is going to act as a mirror for you and your skills. So be thoughtful while choosing a work. Select the best and unique work, because the viewer is interested in the quality, not the quantity. Nowadays, everyone is techno savvy so try to make an online portfolio or your own website. One of the most important part is showcasing the design process of your work.

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If you are a recent graduate or about to finish your college then this issue may have answers to many of your questions. Like, how to get the best placement or the internship? How to present best in front of the interviewer? Which studio or agency to choose to start your career? How to work in a team or choose to be a freelancer?<br /> This issue has advice from many experts such as Ashwini Deshpande and Gopika Chowfla who gave the secrets of choosing the right intern for their well-known design teams. And on another hand, Rajaram Rajendran and Ranganath Krishnamani advise young designer to gain multiple skills and be the best at them.<br /> Also, recent MIT Post Graduate Vinta Jakkal shares her secret with which she grabbed the great opportunity of joining the Elephant Design, Pune team to start her career.

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