Festivity: A flowering of Design

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It’s been a year of the whacky; one might as well call it ‘abstract’ and ‘formless’, with open to interpretation the Brexit, Demonetisation and Trump Presidency. Yet, with an entire year in perspective, and a new one in sight, the universal feeling as always is of festivity. Especially with the jolly vibe of Christmas around lights, decorations, Christmas trees, fancy cakes that look like elite architecture, and so on.


The festive is also time for design. In fact, it is ‘the time’ of design, as without design, festivities might have no relevance or significance. The gifts one chooses; the wrappings; what one decides to put on (be it on oneself or on the home walls); the choice of delicacies laid on the platter. Everything is precisely a design, carefully chosen after fine and careful contemplation, isn’t it? Unknowingly or unconsciously, everyone’s scrutinising the intricacies of each little aspect that gives shape to the celebration, to the best of their abilities and possibilities… with a keen eye than otherwise.


This keen sense, somehow, is restricted only to our festivals. But, if you look from a larger perspective, one finds a massive festival to be in play all the time; one we do not acknowledge as much—the earth spinning perfectly (with no one wildly bouncing about or falling away–not a small deal, though that might’ve been funny); the synergy between the sun, the moon and the earth; the planetary system in perfect sync, floating with total balance in empty space; the interdependence of all life… An utterly foolproof, magnificent design, completely flawless, don’t you agree? A constant, fabulous festival that we so easily take for granted every day.


Life itself is a festival, a design that we get to admire and shape at the same time, if only we pay attention to it. Whether we recognise this is what matters.


Have a happy and joyful holidays!

Creative Gaga - Issue 51


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In an inherent state of wonder, Mohnish is always looking to explore. The seeking has led him into various endeavours – sport; music; writing; travelling, the outdoors, and so on. With a Bachelors in Mass Media, he is a writer and copy-editor when taking breaks from organising Ultra Trail marathons for Globeracers or practising a sport.