Fast-moving Trends in Motion & Interaction Design

Motion & Interaction Design
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This universe revolves around the concept of motion. Even when stationary, our lungs expand, heartbeats and leaves quiver in the wind. Motion is our second nature. Hence, the importance of motion in design cannot be understated.

The correct motion and interaction design can profoundly impact the users’ experience, enhance product engagement, and extend the reach of communication design. Here is a list of the latest trends from Motion & Interaction Design for the year 2021.

01 Reel it in

Motion & Interaction Design


Instagram and TikTok have firmly established the importance of social media in business and marketing. These are no longer just a fad for the youngsters, but a powerful and persuasive tool of communication. Hence, the immensely popular feature, Reels, a short thirty seconds video format of content publication, is now used by established businesses and industries to promote themselves and extend their reach. This is one trend that is here to stay.

02 Glorious come back

Animation “Bear with Me” by Lavanya Naidu

Animation “Dim sum time” by Wakana Yamazaki

Do you remember watching Loony Tunes and Tom and Jerry? If you recollect these memories with a fond smile, then you’ll be pleased to know that cartoons are back. Cartoons and animated storytelling formats are some of the hottest trends of 2021.

03 Something Symbolic

We spoke about the importance of motion and the increasing prevalence of animation; now consider bringing those together and applying them to Logos. That’s right, slickly animated logos are the must-try trend for this year. Smooth animation of either a symbol or typeface, reflecting on the brand values, can result in a memorable logo that can produce a favourable and everlasting impression on any brand.

04 Well, that’s deep

Colour of the year by Post Office Studios

Everything 3D is the flavour of the year. Hence, incorporating it in illustration would not come as a surprise. In fact, it’s nothing new either. But this style is worth mentioning due to its increasing prevalence and its potential dominance in the design industry. 3D might take over almost every aspect of design in the near future. 3D illustration with flawless animation can produce awe-inducing results capable of captivating a wide range of audiences.

05 Out of this world

Google – Namaste Digital by Dynamite Design

Redmi 9 Pro Max Commercial by Adaar

We spoke about the gaining prevalence of 3D; now, let’s infuse that with our reality. VFX or Visual Effects are carving their niche in the film and television industry. VFX can create wonders by interlacing hyper-realistic computer-generated 3D imagery and animation with real-life footage. This technology required complex tools before, but now, with the latest software and quickly advancing technology, this is more user-friendly and affordable than ever before.

06 Alternate Reality

Peter Tarka, Maciek Janicki Google IO 2019

Augmented reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) have been on the rise for the past decade, but the past year has seen some of this technology’s most versatile use yet. AR and VR technology was used abundantly for online shopping to bring products to consumers. Furthermore, this technology was used abundantly by established museums worldwide to allow users to tour and admire the location and artworks virtually. This vast field is only expected to grow more rapidly this year by expanding its usage and purpose to other areas such as medicine, art, commerce and customer service.

07 Speed and Efficiency

Visuals have always had more effect on our ability to retain information than written texts. And as our world and our life get more fast-paced than ever, the information must be conveyed as short and as effectively as possible. Fast-paced videos are thus gaining immense popularity among brands and content makers, as it delivers desired information as quickly and effectively as possible.



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