How Fashion Photography Turned into Engaging Stories

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Fashion is not something that exists in dresses. It’s in the sky, street and each idea that decode the way we live and respond to what is happening around us. A storyteller of dreams, characters, aspiration, fairy tales and more, fashion photographer Vinod Wakkchare, reflects on how he weaves those tales through his lens.

Diya Mirza

Shoot a story, not a picture

Fashion photography gives you a chance to create your own plot, to choose your own characters and tell stories. It’s a medium through which you can portray your interpretation of the world. These ideas are stories that connect to the onlookers, engaging them in a conversation. As a fashion photographer, you have this unique ability to define how you see the world.

Mandira Bedi
Jean Paul Gaultier

Design the elements of your story

For a fashion photographer, it’s important to treat the shoot as a performance, where various elements play a vital role. In a fashion shoot, the camera is not the only element that decides the final outcome. And even though the subject is really important, the lights, colour, environment, and technology equally are. Create a comfort zone where the subject trusts you. It helps him or her bring out the best. Amidst all this, however, it’s also important to not let anything overshadow the protagonist.


Every click is a challenge

Whether it’s an inanimate object or a celebrity that you shoot, every subject comes with its own set of challenges. It might appear that it’s easy to shoot inanimate objects, but it’s not. As you can’t instruct them while shooting and that’s where it’s important for the photographer to be extremely patient. Shooting famous faces is a challenge too. Because they’ve shot with various photographers thousands of times, making your shoot an entirely different experience for them is what you have to keep in mind.

Glitzy Gloss

Creativity can’t be incidental.

A deep frantic process with lots of hard work and patience is the key to fashion photography. Because the process includes various steps and professionals, planning becomes mandatory. Right from pre-production to post-production, meeting the client, brainstorming before the shoot, understanding the requirements of the shoot and deciding the look of the models to the actual shooting and then retouching the image, all with the support of art directors, makeup artists, hairstylists and designers, a lot goes behind that single click.

Silk Touch
Male Wrist Watches

It’s a one man classroom.

There are various photography courses available these days. However, you don’t need a degree or a diploma in order to practice fashion photography. What matters more is practical experience. You will find various books on photography out of which great learning can be derived. Also, follow famous photographers’ work. There is a lot you can absorb through their various style and techniques. Try to work with a photographer as the knowledge gained through such an experience sticks on with you forever.


Open your eyes and then your lens.

That square shot is your blank canvas and you can include in it whatever you want and feel like. But before you peep into that camera, peep into the world. Look around, observe and come up with new ideas. Keep experimenting with lights, camera and different aspects of photography. And remember, you can’t win if you don’t fail. Keep trying, keep exploring, keep discovering and keep shooting.

Alter Ego

Published in Issue 11

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