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With the vision of his masterpiece shining bright in his mind, illustrator Yogesh Bhusare has been working towards his design and product brand since the day he graduated. Expanding his knowledge and skills regularly, he has worked with well-known clients and is close to achieve his dream. Here are the highlights of the conversation with him.

Tribal India. Fusing tribal art with the new tincture of modern vibrant colours.

Urging himself to experiment with styles and daily referencing has broadened illustrator, Yogesh Bhusare’s portfolio and helped in his transition from an event agency to Taproot India to an art director at Leo Burnett. Picking up positives from his work place combined with sheer hard work has led him to display his thoughts that are close to materialising into his masterpiece.

Arty truck. Inspired by Indian Trucks.

CG. From minimal illustration to multiple image collage to freehand doodling, you seem to be trying all the different styles. How does it help you and which one of these styles you enjoy most?

Yogesh. I love experimenting with styles. I usually do a lot of referencing and that’s like a daily habit for me. When I come across something that is new and inspiring, I try to experiment with it, adding my sense of art. My personal style involves much of doodling, but I am inclined more towards experimenting rather than sticking to one style. An awesome concept in mind will just be useless without the proper skill, discipline and style to make them.

This was a small art tribute given by the artist for our loved president and the rocket man of India Dr. A.P.J Abdul Kalam.

CG. How do colours, detailing and typography make themselves heard on your canvas?

Yogesh. Colours represent the mood that an artist is in while typography is like the feelings. Every artist uses them to display the thoughts he has in his head. Detailing is the factor of patience and the satisfaction of the artist.

As day turns into night in this illustration, the rapt human is frozen into inaction much like the city he lives in.

CG. You have worked with many big bands, so how do you manage to engage them with your illustrations?

Yogesh. I see them through my perception as a common man and what would bring that sense of attachment and engagement to me when I see the brand. I then try to incorporate the same in my work

Modern Sanyaasi. A theme that exists across the religions, is taking Sanyaas i.e. abandoning the settled life and walking one’s way to godliness.

CG. How do you develop a client-designer relationship? How does that help or hinder the design process?

Yogesh. Communication and transparency between designer and client lead to trust, flexibility, diplomacy, collaboration and creativity. Designers are not the mind readers, so it is important for designers and clients to develop a partnership by working together, collaborating ideas and asking questions that explore and specify all key factors, details, and goals of a project. This helps the designer to develop his art and makes the whole process easy

Holy Men of India. This piece is an abstract portrait of the symbol of everything holy in India viz a Hindu sadhu.

CG. What is your dream project? How close are you to achieving the same?

Yogesh. My Dream project is to own a design and product brand, and I am close to it I believe! In fact, I have just started my own brand on a small level. My brand name is AWWSOME and eventually will see it growing with time.

Space Age Ganesha. Doodling has no bounds; this theme is most clear in the technological avatar of Lord Ganesha.

CG. Your advice for the young illustrator on achieving the early success in career?

Yogesh. Many people just dream about what you have and wish they had a career like yours to carve the thoughts on a paper. If you have the passion and you are lucky enough to be in the profession of your choice, make the best out of it.


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