The Economic Times Emerging Media Summit 2018

The Economic Times Emerging Media Summit 2018

Personifying consumer, content and commerce relationships through panel discussions and interactive discussions, The Economic Times is going to launch its mega-confluence Emerging Media Summit on the 6th and 7thDecember, 2018 at Mumbai.

In the technology-driven digital age of today, media is the soul of awareness. It keeps people updated with the latest happenings and developments from across the world about various fields and serves as a platform for businesses of all sizes to thrive. Having its roots in almost every sector today, it soon will be the eco-system of the world of communication.

The ever-evolving media industry is breaking through barriers of technology, content and consumer preferences, only to result in a shift in a communication of the brand message from informative to interactive.

A small device has been unsettling the conventional concepts ranging from online shopping, making payments, seeking services and watching movies – all of this is just a click away on a smartphone.

Digital media's explosion through the growth & expansion of social networking, blogs, forums, mobile marketing and other ways only implies the extensive future demands and consumption of the consumers, in turn indicating the requirement of innovative content by media platforms.
Keeping up with the present is not enough. It is time to think forward. Futurising in the present is what is needed.

To understand the in-depth functioning of creation and consumption patterns, The Economic Times is launching its "Emerging Media Summit" on the 6th and 7th December, bringing together the key stakeholders, marketers, content providers, content delivery platforms, production houses, advertising agencies, policymakers, satellite service providers and a universe of media industry together to discuss and deliberate some underlying challenges and roadmap for this emerging ecosystem.

This summit aims at helping the media industry grow in a way to meet the required demands by creating scenarios which engage the service provider directly with the consumer to know what really is wanted.

Networking with industry players, benchmarking digital strategies and being informed about emerging trends and technologies through a series of panel discussions and interactive sessions between the creators, providers and users are the take-aways from this summit.

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