Thought European design was all about France and Italy? Think again!

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The tough get going when the going gets tough. This is a phrase that relates to the story of Krasi Stoimenov, a Bulgarian UI/UX designer, refining the Thought European design. In a country where competition is tough, there is no time to rest. His designs reflect his constant effort and advanced skills. He speaks with Creative Gaga and takes us all through his design journey.

LotoTech. This mobile and app designed for a lottery company provides an interactive and fun experience for users.
LotoTech. This mobile and app designed for a lottery company provides an interactive and fun experience for users.

CG: Tell about your design journey and how it evolved over time to arrive at digital?
KS: As a kid, I loved drawing but never had enough time to actually draw or paint as much as I wanted. As years passed, I had completely abandoned my hobby of drawing and moved on to graduate in Marketing. And one day, all of a sudden, my neighbour introduced me to an amazing program- Photoshop CS4. It was that moment where I knew this was my calling and that I could do better. I started using online tutorials to grasp the programme. It was tough, I failed initially but constant hard work paid off and I gradually started mastering the skill. But it’s never enough. The digital world surely keeps you on your toes and there is always something to learn.

Low Polygon Europe. This Europe game concept is a 3D experience and incorporates the borders of European countries and significant landmarks.

CG: Your designs are practical but mystical at the same time. What are your design inspirations? What are various factors in your daily design life that determine the fate of your designs?

KS: Inspirations are everywhere, from the buildings surrounding you to the colour patterns before you. The internet is a vast ocean of inspiration and the best part is that it`s easy to find the right one for your project. Designs are determined by their purpose.


CG: Digital design involves a lot of layers, whether it’s creating a digital image or an app or a website. How do you think from all those perspectives? How do you maintain continuity in your designs? What’s the binding agent?

KS: Keeping order when it comes to web and app design is vital. Work needs to be organised and grouped correctly. But when it comes to digital images, it’s a different story as there is a chaos with the layers. The thing that binds the entire design, whether it’s a matte painting or an app design, is the concept behind it. Everything I do is ruled by the idea, every single detail in the project – each interaction in the UX.

Nike Kicks. An attempt to design a new app for the renowned brand Nike that captures the spirit of the brand.

CG: A story seems to captivate the viewer when they look at your designs. What do you wish to achieve through your designs? What do you want them to remember it for?
KS: I always try to add a hidden meaning in the details. It enhances the purpose of the designs I create. Someday, I’d really like someone to stop me and say that they decoded something from my designs. Remember though, that it’s always the journey that matters. If you can take the person looking at your project to the place you`ve imagined when doing it, well that`s the end.

Personal Branding. You yourself is a great place to start with.

CG: Tell us about Bulgaria and how easy/difficult it has been to work there as a designer. How do you reach out to the world through your designs?
KS: Bulgaria is an interesting country. Working here can teach you one important thing; be adaptive and constantly learn and develop yourself or you will fall behind. Reaching out is easy. Collaborations, contests, it`s all out there just waiting for you to take it!


CG: So what’s next for you?
KS: I’ve formed a design community in Bulgaria so I`m working on a lot of projects related to it. It’s called Infinite collision which will engage me for a while.

Published in Issue 34

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