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In today’s digital world, traditional techniques and practices of illustrating and painting are getting lost. For example, who gets to see oil glazed on canvas in a design that is not antique? Anand Radhakrishnan, an illustrator, explores traditional mediums to express the mysteries and to enlighten the darkness that people and the world carry with them.

Illustrations from A personal project, Chaavi.
Ink drawing for inktober.

Let the subject take control.

Style of a designer is determined by the content and subject that the artwork contains. Most believe that designers have their unique style, which some have, but the idea is to not pick a style and stick to it through out, but to make it a journey of discovery and surprise.

Value study in graphite.

A designer is always attracted by expression.

An expression is what designers are looking for when it comes to feeling inspired and figuring out the soul of their design. Nothing can beat expressions that human faces and body radiate. Every little pose or nuance says something about the state of mind of that very person, and as a designer, it’s fun to play with it. Look anywhere and you will see the outside world connect with your inner-self and it’s when they meet, the best magic happens.

Cover image of my project called ‘III’.

Sometimes, the old is the way to go.

Digital has changed designers and the way people look at artworks these days. But often working with traditional media is favoured in order to break the clutter and stand out to enlighten. Oil, ink and graphite are some favourites that can be combined with techniques like hatching, alla prima painting using oil, glazing, collages etc.

Value study in graphite.

Messy is what they call neat.

Upon first glance, any subject one observes has a sense of mystery and unknown about them. Those dark hollow spaces that our minds can’t fill, translate into an uncomfortable feeling that can be pronounced in design using patchy and messy textures. So even if the subject in your artwork is communicating the same thought that designer wishes to portray, the way it is expressed also counts. This makes the artwork more tactile and organic, which enlighten the viewer.

Illustration for A college project. Chaavi.

Published in Issue 28

This Illustration Special is best to know why and how illustration as a popular medium is taking the design world by storm! From evolution of illustrations to its place in the world today, renowned designers and illustrators like Abhishek Singh, Mukesh Singh, Archan Nair, Alicia Souza, Raj Khatri with some international talent such as Fil Dunsky from Russia, Iain Macarthur and Richard Field from UK, who live and breathe illustration, would be the right people to gain some insight from. With many more talents to explore with great insights and excellent techniques, again a fully packed issue is waiting to amaze you!


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