Digital Tools has Given a New Life to Illustrators and Designers says Ramanjit Kaur Gabri

Designers - Ramanjit Kaur Gabri
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With the dawn of digitalisation came a new era. It was a second life for many designers, believes caricature artist Ramanjit Kaur Gabri. Here, she tells us how to make the most of this exciting time to learn and create.

Designers - Ramanjit Kaur Gabri

Through Photoshop, designers are born again.

Most designers today started their design journey with a pencil and paper. The use of water, oil and acrylic colours were fun and inspiring back in those days. But truly, the artist was born again when Photoshop came into effect, bringing with it possibilities that one couldn’t even imagine. Digital art was what everyone wanted to do all of a sudden. They were painting, not with a brush but with a brush tool. There’s been no looking back since then.

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Designers - Ramanjit Kaur Gabri

Going to class means logging on to your computer.

The teacher speaks and shows some videos. At the end of the class, he/she gives you an assignment. After you hand it in, the teacher points out mistakes and gives you suggestions on how to make it better. Sounds like a normal classroom, but it’s actually the online classes held by globally famous US artist, Mr. Jason Seiler. That’s the world for you today. You could be anywhere in the world, and attend such classes and bene t from them immensely.

Designers - Ramanjit Kaur Gabri

Got to be perfect to stand out from the crowd.

The digital space is where everyone is these days. On one hand, it makes life easy, on the other it makes it dif cult. How do you stand out? What do you do differently? The answer is to not get, distracted, and simply focus on your own talent to achieve perfection in it. If one’s efficient and dedicated, then being noticed and picked up easily amongst a crowd, is not too hard. Once that level is achieved, success follows.

Designers - Ramanjit Kaur Gabri
Designers - Ramanjit Kaur Gabri

India is getting there.

If you’ve got the talent, you needn’t follow anyone. Rather, others will follow you. Whether, it’s Indian artists or artists abroad, each one is talented and inching forward in the sphere’s of their world. India is presently in the developmental stage when it comes to design, it’s going through a gestation phase. As the time is changing, and India gets more acquainted with the digital medium, our designers will also be making a mark at an international level. They will be born again.

Designers - Ramanjit Kaur Gabri
Ramanjit Kaur Gabri
Designers - Ramanjit Kaur Gabri
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Published in Issue 20

The Dilemma of Designer Special! Pencil or stylus? Paper or touch screen? This is just a start to the long list of questions that are swimming in every designer’s mind today. They say change is the only constant but has digitalisation really taken over the traditional methods? Would there be a time when the pencil will be forgotten forever like writers have forgotten a fountain pen? We discuss the issue with famous Indian designers and try to understand what they think. This issue also has some very talented and unique designer like Sachin Puthran, Raghava KK, Ramanjeet Kaur and Pavan Rajurkar got featured along with much more. Mr. Xerty and Amrei Hofstatter came with unique interpretation in our MadeIn section.


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