Why digital design is as important as ever?

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As technology continues to sweep us off our feet, designers are constantly working hard to explore beyond the realms of digital space to provide new and interactive experiences for viewers. UI/UX designer, Rahul Chakraborty, solves problems with his digital designs giving refreshing solutions that take the union of brand and target audience beyond the perimeter of the screen.

“Web can be designed into a more beautiful space to interact with.”

Today’s generation is growing up with web technology. Everything they touch since a toddler is literally a ‘touch’ away, be it educational games, school curriculum and projects or video games. For them, it’s nothing intimidating rather only more interesting. It is this curiosity and love of the medium that makes it a preference for many young designers today. The web world is currently the most diverse field which makes it the most exciting thing to explore around.

Sound App. A conceptual app designed with a special focus on a set of vibrant “candy” colours for a voice/sound recording social app.

“Digital design can enhance the user experience by bringing them closer to the product.”

The web space in recent years has had a huge impact on our daily lives. People prefer things which save their time. A small proof of this can be seen in the fact that an ‘Emoji’ has been chosen as the word of the year 2015, for the first time ever!


Every product is now judged on what experience it is capable of providing, or in other words, how usable it is via aesthetics, usability, ergonomics and accessibility. In such a competitive medium, the initial focus is on aesthetics, since a beautiful looking product at the first glance creates the impression of a great product. But other factors also need to be equally focused on to achieve a balanced result.

“Create your design inspiration folder!’

For many designers, their inspirations are the wonderful works from the design community. Whether it’s browsing social networking sites or design communities, it’s not really that difficult to find inspiration. Just how writers prefer to carry a ‘thought book’ where they pen their ideas down whenever they feel inspired, designers can create a ‘design folder’ and save works that they find inspirational for future reference. This stage can act as “finding your way through bread-crumbs”. I take bits of elements from designs that are worth for the project are taken, and then combine them altogether (say colours/fonts/effects) or sometimes come up with an entirely new stuff based on these.

Published in Issue 31

This Web and App special issue brings forward some very talented digital and web designers along with experts from top few digital/ UI & UX studios of India. Also, Visakh Viswambharan, founder of AppinessInteractive answered a very common client question, ‘ Why not templates?’ in our Vantage View article.


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