Designing with Clarity of Purpose

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Illustrator and Graphic designer, Pooja Bhapkar, shares her insights on design with clarity, so that the outcome is as desired.

Clarity of the purpose of the design is most important as you have to think from a client’s perspective, that may differ from your own. To fulfill this gap you should always create something for you that will be beyond the boundaries and beyond any purpose. My approach to any project is ‘How can I make it different than the previous one?’ and along the way of learning some new techniques and treatments.

Each illustration is a story and surrounding elements make it complete. I play with geometric shapes, but, to cut the flow, I added some elements which have motion or living objects such as birds, humans or animals and trees etc. which make it more live and interesting.

Likewise, texturing is the best technique to separate the surfaces as well as create dimensions. Aesthetically, lines and dots are two textures which are way different from each other but they also complement each other.

Published in Issue 40

We all have favorite TV shows and we passionately discuss the stories and characters of it. But sometimes, we tend to ignore the channel and its branding. Now with many different channels to choose from, we are experiencing many new branding overhauls to grab the audience’s attention. In this issue, we focused on Motion Graphics design and people behind some awesome channel rebrandings.


If you are interested in moving design or animated content then this issue is a must-read for you!

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Creative Gaga - Issue 55


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