Yadavi Ganguli

Yadavi Ganguli

Yadavi Ganguli is an Industrial Design-Interior Space Design graduate from Symbiosis Institute of Design.

Dine for a Cause

The proposed socially responsible restaurant is dedicated to empowering women acid attack survivors and abuse victims by offering them employment opportunities in a safe and inclusive work environment. With a nature-inspired colour palette and calming materials, the restaurant’s design promotes mental well-being. Natural elements and textures create a nurturing ambiance, prioritising safety and comfort with no sharp edges. Through this project, we aim to empower survivors, raise awareness, and build a compassionate community that fosters personal healing and well-being.

Modern Simplicity: A Sleek and Functional Penthouse Kitchen

This project showcases a stunning penthouse kitchen designed for a family of five, blending modern aesthetics with a sleek, clean-lined, contemporary colour palette. Wood accents elegantly frame the counters and sink area, while ample storage solutions offer practicality and convenience. The kitchen’s multiple lighting options create the ideal ambiance for different occasions. Carefully crafted to cater to the family’s diverse needs, this kitchen harmoniously combines style and functionality.

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