Reimagine Your Cloud!

Reimagine Your Cloud!

Amidst the fatigue of virtual events and webinars, BigBrand Theory created for CLOUDSEC an experience that engaged its audiences in unique ways and highlighted the paradigm shift in outlook as Cloud accelerated.

The Brief:

Client: Trend Micro
Requirement: Branding Strategy and Experience Design

An annual industry-centric event hosted by Trend Micro, CLOUDSEC is an immersive 3-day experience. Major cloud platforms, both attack and defense, research limitations of security features, the pros and cons of varied security strategies take the centre stage at this conference. It is a purpose-built, persona-focused event that propels the entire industry forward. BigBrand Theory were tasked with creating powerful messaging and engaging creatives to cut through in a very competitive market and make the event stand out. The aim was to reinvigorate the brand to position it as one of the region’s leading Cyber Security Organizations and help bring the largest global Cloud Security Event to life.

Key Requirements:

The brand strategy required to

1.  Create engagement and excitement for the CLOUDSEC event.

2. Highlight the paradigm shift in outlook as Cloud accelerates.

3.  Surpass the 2020 event in brilliance

4.  Be relevant to current cybersecurity needs

The Problem:

By 2021, the world was used to virtual events and webinars but amidst the virtual fatigue, the marquee event of Trend Micro - CLOUDSEC 2021 aimed to create an experience that engaged its audiences in unique ways while also surpass their previous year’s brilliance. The anchor of the theme was to appeal to their key target audience and be relevant to their current cybersecurity and business needs, while promising unique perspectives & solutions. The keywords were to create “engagement and excitement.”


CLOUDSEC 2020, was the year of waking up to Digital Transformation as the world changed overnight and 2021? In 2021 being on Cloud wasn’t going to be enough.There was a paradigm shift in outlook as Cloud accelerated and the next leap of growth demanded ‘Reimagination’. Thus, the theme of 2021 was founded on this insight, a simple, direct and telling theme - ‘Reimagine Your Cloud’.

The Approach:

Visualizing ‘Reimagination’ through a bold design.

The Tangram is a puzzle made up of seven flat polygons that are combined to produce various shapes. It encourages experimentation and discovery and sharpens spatial perception and lateral thinking. The Tangram was aptly chosen as the core graphic that brought the reimagination idea for CLOUDSEC to life. A simple, abstract & modern design, it enables exploration, experimentation and discovery, an innate part of being human. The Tangram brings infinite possibilities, only limited by imagination itself. The more you push your imagination to reimagine, the more avenues you unlock. Cloud is the same, it is a world of infinite possibilities and opportunities bound only by our creativity

Colour Scheme
Colour Scheme

The Design:

The true power and impact of CLOUDSEC is best reflected in a logo unit that is simple yet strong and reflects CLOUDSEC’s global presence. A primary set of icons are constructed using tangrams, creating a distinguished design language that truly reflects the meaning of reimagination. A Secondary set of icons act as accents and gradients to create balance and not overwhelm the design. All the elements are brough together by a colour palette of warm colours like Red, Green & Blue that reflect a strong foundation and used as the base of explorations and energy

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