Outer Studio - Hello World Agency Portfolio
Outer Studio - Hello World Agency Portfolio

Made you Look - Top Web Design Trends of 2023 to keep your eyes on!

It is beginning to look more like a creative fest of landing pages. Gear up, as we explore the web trends of 2023 that will establish a new creative standard ranging from commercial websites to portfolios.

A new era of website design is upon us. Straight back from the 2022's quarterback, the digital field is prepping for a leap of technological advancement to the creative space of the website design world.

Rogue Studio - Rogue Animation Test
Rogue Studio - Rogue Animation Test

With the onset of 3D renders and AI-based art and illustrations, the design world has pushed the limits of aesthetics and thematic creations. We are witnessing the golden age of Metaverse.

The recent global events have offered the world to find its joyous escapism out of the conventional sandbox of creativity. Virtual Reality has entered the popular phase of digital space as designers dive into the cinematic and fluid design patterns which simulate the reality we wish to be a part of.

2023 has the following wholesome list of trends, from micro animations to parallax scrolling, that redefines the conventional design of the Internet, in the best way:

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