Three Artists, One Amazing Collaboration

Three Artists, One Amazing Collaboration

Marc, Claudio and Nicola came together to create the larger than life collaboration, Art of Sool. They talk to us about their passions, challenges and future plans.

Marco, Claudio and Nicola, the artists of Art of Sool, had always been interested in art. But it was only during their undergrad at the Academy of Fine Arts did they join forces. Fortunately for them, drawing was a natural instinct that turned into their career.

In 2010 the crew, Art of Sool was formed. While hunting for the right name, they decided to pick something that connected with them. They chose the word 'soul' and turned the 'u' into an 'o', to make it theirs. In the end they found something unique, personal and quirky, just like their art.

They work on a wide range of media. Some of the media include wall graffiti, canvas, wood, t-shirts prints and so much more. The process for each media is intricate, and they work with meticulous care.

Speaking of their work, the artists take great pleasure in working with brands. Even if the project is difficult or rigid they take it up for the visibility. Between these projects, they like to do their personal work as this gives them the freedom to express and explore freely. It also helps them evolve their technique. With their personal projects, they try to communicate their messages in unique ways, messages that are otherwise restricted by social norms.

Establishing the Art of Sool did not come easily though. The first big challenge they faced was to live by what they did, and then to monetize it, something they still struggle with. The other challenge was being recognised for their style. They hustled with many gigs pushing their work through different media like t-shirt print, graffiti and canvas. Slowly and steadily with the network they became known.

The third big challenge was being known on the world stage. Fortunately, they met Mr. Wany, a famous Italian writer, who invited them to Amazing Day, a famous jam in Milan. From then their work increased and there was no looking back. They plan to venture into e-commerce soon; this will probably be their new challenge.

Working collaboratively for years is not easy. The artists understand this and explain that the reason why it works for them is because they have learned to listen to each other and focus on the best solution. They believe in 'freestyle of opinions' and this helps them to work together.

The advice they would like to give young designers is to feel free and be yourself. Be brave, decide for yourself, keep thinking about what you want to become, and success will be yours.

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