Jumble Jar - Collaterals
Jumble Jar - CollateralsAastha Bhattacharya

The Young Entrepreneur

A student at MAAER’S MIT Institute of Design, Pune, Aastha Bhattacharya, one day aspires to be a visual communication designer. With a vision to express herself through socially relevant projects and ability to handle a project right from the beginning ideas to the final execution, it is clear why she has won the first place in the Battle of Design Projects at the 10th Pune Design Festival, 2016. Her self-initiated project ‘The Jumble Jar’ allowed her to be both the boss (i.e. client) and the artist (i.e. designer).

Combining the Devanagari script with Latin and exploring the positive and negative spaces by the use of monochromes prove that this simple logo has been developed by mature and clear thinking. Going further and combining the same with a fresh yellow. Aastha has managed to strike bull’s eye with her first venture. She believes an ideal design student is one who has one leg inside the classroom and another deep into live projects. With a positive attitude and the right design sense, Aastha is definitely on the right path!

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