Tanmayee Kolhe

Tanmayee Kolhe

Tanmayee Kolhe is an Industrial Design-Product Design graduate from Symbiosis Institute of Design.


Rachana is a product design project aimed to mechanise the process of making modaks and it explores multiple levels of complexity of a product’s architecture alongside efficiency, effectiveness and sustainability in monetary and ergonomical aspects. The constant efforts to literally be in the user’s shoes guided the flow of the project from a classroom design to a real-world product.

Form Studies

The stylised scooter is a result of the study of forms of orcas also known as killer whales. The dynamism, speed and agility of orcas combined with a trendy; futuristic look of products determined the form of the scooter.

Packaging Design of Frozen Meal Bowls

A fictional brand of frozen meal bowls featuring 3 different dishes in microwavable bowls. The packaging sleeve displays branding graphics strategically, offering identification of food variants in multiple directions when stacked. The graphics boast artful elements and grunge textures, catering to the dynamic and young consumer.

You can find Tanmayee's work here

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