Surprising Real-life to Reel-life Characters

Surprising Real-life to Reel-life Characters

Creating a real-life or a reel-life characters is like putting various puzzle pieces together. It's easy to see someone and say 'I recognise that person', but drawing from scratch is a different thing all together. Illustrator and digital artist, Nikhil Shinde, talks more about this less explored form of communication and how it can be made into a powerful tool.

Surprise the Audience by Giving Them Something Unexpected

The idea of making different types of characters and models with suitable environments is always expected from a digital artist. So why not create them with a twist? Get random by stepping out of the box. Get unexpected by deviating from the initial plan. When the final outcome is not what you thought initially, you're pretty much on the right track.

The Real Deal comes with Unreal Characters

Believe it or not, it's pretty easy to make a real character. It's simply about making a replica of an existing person and all it is focusing on getting the right details in place. But fantasy or self-imagined characters demand a lot of time to think about their anatomy, pose, composition etc. Even though there is a stark difference in the creation of both real and non-real characters, what never changes is the approach in making them. As a designer, it's vital to contribute your style and personality to it as well. This is what personalises the artwork and makes it 'yours'.

Every Work of Yours Must be Your Very Favourite

Even though some designs and projects get recognised over others that a designer has created, the bottom line is that they're all of equal value. The designer puts the same amount of energy, thought and skill in each artwork. It's important to not lose that focus. Because, if that balance is disrupted, it might make way for a shaky future.

Digital Paintings are not Meant for Walls

In India, digital painting is yet to be accepted as a mode of communication. And from what it looks like, it's still a while away. The only reason is that India lacks encouragement in this field as well as basic knowledge. Once we're able to overcome this, it's only then that digital paintings will make for a much more natural form of communication.

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