Products with 'Human Touch' can Touch Hearts!

Industrial designing makes public art accessible to the masses. These products are part of the physical as well as psychological space of everyday life. By giving these products a personality, design can turn them into expressions of a culture and human emotions. Product designer Satyendra Pakhalé talks about the perceptions and process of creating products that bear this human touch.

An industrial design can develop an economy

A designed product stands as a testimony to the cultural ethos of society and mankind. A product arises out of the primal needs of human beings. Therefore, it has the opportunity to touch and affect a million lives. Using technology and creativity, these designs can contribute to an economy and rise above as cultural symbols. Hence, an industrial designer needs to come up with product designs that play a part in everyday life and improve living.

"Taking life as the biggest teacher and researching your way throughout, one can draw ideas that can create a whole new culture"

Every product speaks a language

The moment a user comes in contact with a product, it ought to take him by surprise – a joyful one. Products, hence, can be expressions of the basic human needs. Such a sensorial language must be created through designs, which communicate emotions without compromising on the utilitarian needs. When these significant and crucial aspects are taken into consideration, the users embrace the products in a way that these gradually become a part of their culture.

Design, technology and material are intrinsic to each other

In industrial designing, technology can't be separated from its design. Sometimes the design looks so simple and useful mainly because of its technology. The reason why, while designing a product one needs to mould the two aspects according to each other to have advancing results. Only then the product's utility is proven. In the same way, a material cannot be separated from design. If not chosen appropriately, either of them can defile the completeness of the product. It's for the designer to marry every aspect harmoniously.

Product designing is a state of mind

It takes a lot to create a product design. It's better to avoid dwelling in nostalgia, regression or tradition. This results in a contemporary look and feels that can keep pace with current times and connect with the future. Taking life as the biggest teacher and researching your way throughout, one can draw ideas that can create a whole new culture. A product design needs to be human, articulate and symbolic. It should have the creativity that gives a message or tells a story. With this approach, one can achieve that iconic simplicity and sophistication.

The seeker must find his way, on his own

Creativity is not a faucet that can be turned on whenever one needs. Also, it can't be taught. Industrial designing has its own life story. On this great stage, a designer needs to find his role, cultivate his character and perform on his own. Only then one can change the world with one's creativity.

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