Chakra - Serveware - Jaipur pottery
Chakra - Serveware - Jaipur potteryHardik Gandhi

Furniture Blues

How do you combine two things that are poles apart, with no link whatsoever? When required to design furniture accessories inspired by blue pottery designing elements and techniques of Jaipur, Hardik Gandhi didn’t have to scratch his head. Focusing on finding the right craftsmen ship, he takes us through the making of traditional yet modern artifacts.
Paisley - Serveware - Jaipur pottery
Paisley - Serveware - Jaipur potteryHardik Gandhi
Ambi Serveware - Jaipur pottery
Ambi Serveware - Jaipur potteryHardik Gandhi


The aim was to design a contemporary yet luxurious furniture piece and an accessory that was inspired by the motifs and technique of Jaipur blue pottery.

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