Folk Foremost - Baaya Design
Folk Foremost - Baaya Design

Folk Foremost

There is no dearth of genius in Indian folk art and crafts or talent in the artisans. The only missing link is putting it into context and make it fitting to the modern sensibilities. Baaya Design adds the required motivation and design ideas to create a sustained and innovative platform of creativity and production. Keeping folk art in the forefront, the final design produces eclectic, vibrant and natural styling products.

Hi! We’re really happy to see you here.

It’s always a wonderful experience visiting the past and getting lost in the memories of the old days reliving the entire journey again and realizing how far we’ve come. Thank you for being part of the journey so far and we believe we’ll stay together, maybe forever.

Well, due to some technical issues and bad luck, some of the archive issues could not be converted into digital format. Hence, we’re sharing a PDF of the article with you entrusting that you’ll not be sharing it further.

Meanwhile, we’re trying our best to digitize the remaining archives and give you a consistently smooth reading experience.

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