Emotions can take Product Design to new Level!

It needs passion. It needs commitment. Patience as well. Product design requires a designer to make a promise with one's own self in order to create promising designs. Products might be non-living things, but according to industrial designer Subinay Malhotra, they do have feelings and emotions of people living in them. More on how you can turn that little crush for product design into a full-fledged relationship.
Emotions can take Product Design to new Level!

For most Designers, it all starts very Young 

Most design journeys start from childhood, whether it was drawing or dismantling toys in order to know what's happening inside. Product design is all about growing up to understand the needs, target clients, various environments and create a customized solution so that people learn and discover their own demands in a very unique manner. It's that end result which matters all the time and drives you towards it.

Something new makes Hearts beat Faster

It's something new that gets people excited and sweeps them off their feet. Focusing on form and function will not quite get you there. Research is what forms the base of it all. After a concentrated research has been performed, only then one can start to apply ergonomics and take the project towards the best material approach. Research allows a product designer to stay updated on what has already been created in that niche, and work towards new possibilities and creations. Of course, human psychology and trend is another thing a product designer must be constantly conscious of while creating something functional yet aesthetically appealing.

When Design Software play Cupid

They help materialize what you have in mind. They help your ideas meet their materialization. For product designers, the concepts of physics and dynamics are definitely a must to know, but through the use of prototyping and 3D printing software, one can work virtually with their ideas. The only way a designer can benefit from such software is when they practice. It allows you to tease the limits of your imagination, giving you a future never imagined.

Half a heart won't keep the Designer in you alive for long

It's important to be passionate and interested in what you chose to do and learn. Give it your hundred percent and learn with the best of concentration. Keep in mind that one either needs to be really happy with what they are working on or be very angry with it, to reach places.

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