The Power of Movie Posters!

The Power of Movie Posters!

Vivek Mandrekar takes us through his journey of illustrating digital movie posters effectively. In the process, he also shares his own illustrating journey and insights gained behind the reel.

CG. What's the story behind choosing movies specifically as your avenue?

Vivek: First and foremost, it was an obsession with watching all kinds of movies that led me to see movie posters on a theatre lobby, lamppost, street-side wall, video store, newspaper or in a film journal. The artwork on them, especially the Hollywood ones, intrigued me. It gave an essence of what the movie would be before watching it. Then recreating and drawing the visual from posters became an interest. Be it Shah Rukh Khan from "Baazigar," Jim Carrey from "The Mask," Arnold Schwarzenegger, Sylvester Stallone from any of their movies or even a "Jurassic Park" logo. I did not know, however, this interest would lead me to become a full-time movie poster artist. So, yes, life has been kind.

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