New is now old renewed

New is now old renewed

Classics are inimitable, yet appeal to be retained in all their glory and finesse. While this can be a daunting task, Subhinay Malhotra's furniture collection exemplifies that the best way to sustain and celebrate ancient wisdom is by showcasing it through contemporary from.

The Outlook Was To Redesign Indian Design Language To Preserve Its Expertise.

Bringing back to life the inspiring elegance, detail and style etched in India's monumental treasure translates to a fine balancing act. It means paying respect to the value and the traditional while not disrupting its sense of art in spite of modern-day design.

To Achieve The Right Mix Of Apt Elements Is Essential.

Gathering patterns of that era and getting them manufactured was an uphill task. Yet, various styles such as carving, wood-work and brass-work, combined with the right amount of detail and minimal material work, helped gather the necessary poise. Methodologies, system, research, and experience helped in achieving the right amount of design. Research and experience, along with correct manufacturing techniques, were blended well with ideologies and references to produce an effective design line.

Classic Just Got Reinvented.

The question, "How much Indian style of work can be depicted?" was soon put to rest. Only by acknowledging the conventional with current design and technical knowhow, it became possible to portray and conceive a collection endowed with ergonomics, stability and artistic features. The final result was desirable furniture presented in an elegant form, making it reflect the beauty of Indian design in today's era.

Modern Traditional Jharokha.

A mix of carved wood techniques and brass-work, inspired from Indian monuments detailed with gold and walnut wood -carvings done intricately by Indian artisans in Saharanpur, UP, India. The carvings are completely handmade as in the old era

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