Narrating Stories Through Illustrations!

Narrating Stories Through Illustrations!

Stories lay at the core and crux of most art forms. Depicting the same, NID student Yamini Sujan, elaborates on her own storytelling process through illustration.

Yamini Sujan is an aspiring Animator and illustrator currently studying at the National Institute of Design in Ahmedabad, Gujarat. A keen illustrator focused on storytelling, she finds expression through 2D animation, 'Ribbon' and 'Whilom' being her pilot classroom projects.

CG. You seem like a dreamer from your work. Is it so? What influences your works most and how?

Yamini. Real-life experiences are the key to most of my works. Small stories that I want to tell. They might be the nostalgic ones or the current issues happening around. I tend to add a few fictional elements to all those experiences. Maybe that's why I look like a dreamer.

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