LiquidInk Design Positioning PhonePe with Storytelling Visuals

LiquidInk Design Positioning PhonePe with Storytelling Visuals

Founded in the year 2015, PhonePe is a digital payment company headquartered in Bangalore, India. Founded by Sameer Nigam, Rahul Chari and Burzin Engineer, this app is based on the Unified Payments Interface (UPI) and it aspires to build a large, scalable and open transaction ecosystem that creates the maximum impact for all the stakeholders. We approached LiquidInk Design intending to completely redesign the website with storytelling visuals.


The primary task was to reimagine the PhonePe web experience and visual language while retaining the essence of the brand and not straying too far from its original identity. The designers were requested to craft a user interface highlighting the company's tagline "PhonePe, Karte Ja Badhte Ja", especially since the company's brand identity was going through an overhaul. The design must reflect the beauty and intricacies of the Indian consumer while working alongside the taste and aesthetics of the modern world.


Representing the contemporary country whilst incorporating the traditional and cultural elements of the Indian culture proved to be a challenge. The designers had to inculcate the style and aesthetics of India while retaining the freshness and uniqueness of the designs. PhonePe is associated with strong purple, and it is necessary to imbibe the colour in the interface. While the design reflects the Indian aesthetics, it is essential to refrain from making it stereotypically India; thus, this fine line called for an innovative and creative approach.


The designers were provided with the creative freedom to craft a captivating interface. Working alongside the team from PhonePe, the studio created an illustrative style that is strongly tied with an Indian aesthetic. They achieved this by making sure that the elements they used, right from the baskets of fruits and vegetables, the modern coffee shops, the chai and the newspapers, which were associated with the "Press" were all intrinsically but not stereotypically Indian.

"We approached LiquidInk Design a year back intending to completely redesign the website. We wanted the website to be a reflection of who we are as a company, and we also wanted the ethos of our new tagline "Karte Ja Badhte Ja" to reflect through the visuals and storytelling. Liquid Ink partnered with us and worked very closely in bringing out the critical essence of who we are as a company to life. The imagery and storytelling style they have used is distinctive, unique and very engaging."

Priya Patankar
Head of Communication, PhonePe

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