Still A Debt to Pay
Still A Debt to Pay

Learn The Art of Tale-telling with Siddhi Ranade

Illustrator, Siddhi Ranade, takes us through his thought process and the key aspects that goes into the tale-telling through his illustrations/art. He, thereby, goes on to illuminate the various facets, such as geometry, colour and the nature of the subject; how they contribute to his work, and also why design needs to be time relevant in constantly modifying times.

Every Tool has a Crucial Role.

Geometry, patterns, and symmetry are assets that enhance a certain piece of work. They add to the simplicity and alignment of the illustration. It enables one with various combinations during the execution, Siddhi feels. 'Line', though, is the dominating factor for him to get to that exact line that expresses the true meaning of the illustration/art. The 'Colours' are next which help him add a mood to it in a more dramatic way that further dominates the existence of the artwork produced.

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