Kanishka Lad

Kanishka Lad

Kanishka Lad is an Industrial Design-Product Design graduate from Symbiosis Institute of Design.


In India, MILKIDOO milkshake stands out as a healthy and delicious option, enticing kids to choose it over aerated cold beverages. With a focus on appealing to both parents and children, the packaging is designed to be pinnacle and kid-friendly. Spout pouches are employed for easy handling, making it a convenient and nutritious choice for families.

Tom Dixon Bluetooth Speaker

The project involved studying renowned designer Tom Dixon’s works and design philosophies to create products that matched his distinctive aesthetics. Inspired by his lighting and furniture designs with a focus on British heritage, the ideation embraced simple, curving shapes and monochrome colours. The minimalistic approach extended to the interface and colour choices, effectively conveying Tom Dixon’s language and style.

Meow World: Activity Centre

It was designed to provide a sensory-comforting environment for cats left alone in the house to give them enough safe playtime and environmental stimulation. The goal was to not only provide them with sensory experiences but also to help them comprehend stress, get them moving by offering safe play, and help them develop a feeling of height, depth, and scale. And what could be more suitable to give this than the cats’ favourite item, balls? There are therefore, 14 different kinds of sensory balls, each serving a different function!

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