Mumbai Homage
Mumbai Homage

Unleashing the Core of Visual Design

Illustrator and Communication Designer, Broti Bhattacharya, delves deep into the world of visual design. Approaching the subject in a step-by-step process, he takes us through its various aspects & intricacies.

CG. Please share with us how your journey into visual arts began and how you took it forward thereafter?

Broti: My journey into visual arts started at a very young age, wherein I would spend a lot of my time in school drawing and conceptualising comic book characters. This progressed into a formal design education at NIFT, Delhi, where I got to hone my skills as a graphic designer and illustrator. Since then, visual design has been a core of my work in every form

Mumbai Homage
Mumbai HomageMy homage to Mumbai, the city where I found love, made friends and built a career over a decade.
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