The Illustrated Tails of Darrowby - Newspaper Cover
The Illustrated Tails of Darrowby - Newspaper Cover

To Each His Own!

Kalyani S. Naravane has always been interested in all things hand-done or handmade and was eager to make a career out of it, thus starting her journey as an illustrator and graphic designer.

Graphic designer and Illustrator Kalyani S. Naravane is a firm believer in working with a hands on approach since the inherent physicality of this approach often helps one think clearly. However this does not imply that proficiency in hand done work necessarily makes you a better designer. To each his own, she says!

To match what she has imagined with her creation on paper, could take a few tries, or it could take forever. It is more important for her to create something that the viewer can relate to, something that connects and if really lucky, makes them smile.

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