Summer Vibes. My creative world.
Summer Vibes. My creative world.

The Art of Self Expression

Surabhi Joshi’s illustrations are quirky and spontaneous. It is her way of expressing and exploring the infinite possibilities of depicting situations and surroundings to the world in a minimalistic way.

For Surabhi Joshi, it’s her curiosity and the love for movies that evolved into interpretation of her observations and storytelling through subtle illustrations. The compositions developed by her are mostly hand drawn as it is much more spontaneous and impulsive. She later utilizes digital tools to enhance her illustrations with colours and textures. Trusting that handmade textures add a certain amount of realism to the narrative, she believes that colours play a huge role in creating the ambience.

Although her favourite medium is black ink for its endless possibilities of creating emotions by using lines, she likes experimenting with digital tools for the freedom it provides to go beyond physical limitations to explore one’s vision. Her illustrations are often an expression of her surroundings and situations in a humorous way using minimalistic approach with 3 to 4 prominent colours in the composition.

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