Connecting Sadhu
Connecting Sadhu

Stroke of Passion

The final outcome was a revitalised avatar of the brand that retained its core and goodness but wore a new mantle of an approachable expert who has travelled the world and knows just what to serve.

Siddharth Varma believes that an artistic hand can create a flow which is not a feasible with any software. With illustration as his primary skill, he has been developing concepts and designs for a range of clients, which have received positive feedback. An avid trekker, nature lover and appreciator of the beauty of India’s uniqueness, his work begins with incorporating primary colours that gradually allows in more hues once the scheme is set.

Evolving with time, he hopes to retain the enthusiasm and excitement that once pushed him to sketch. The involuntary act of developing themes occurs within his mind as they spill out onto paper, where the innovation begins. With a will to face new challenges he believes as an artist, he can accomplish everything he desires.

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