Gaming Monkey
Gaming Monkey

Storytelling Through Characters

Since time immemorial, human beings have been addicted to narration, using any means they can to put forth their vision of the world. Today, stories can be found everywhere, even in caricatures, as we can see through Pranay Ravi’s artworks.

Pranay’s fondness for cartoons as a child edged him towards the art field. It is the process of simplification that attracted the artist towards this field and urged him to pursue Bachelors in Communication Design.

01 Grandpa-grandson Duo

An illustration depicting an elderly man with his grandchild sketched based on real-life observation. Capturing the essence of an individual through caricatures take immense practice.

02 Gaming Monkey

An artwork reflecting the immersive experience of mobile gaming, reflecting the artist's time spent on the game 'PUBG'. Pranay's experience as a character artist enables him to narrate stories through his characters.

03 F**k Productivity

Drawing every day can be difficult. Here, the artist illustrated his emotions; the moment when being productive appeared to be a daunting task. This artwork is created with a ballpoint pen using the cross-hatching technique.

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