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Pose! Into his Modern Folklore

Though he is an illustrator professionally, Samir Narayan's creative anthem is threaded with folks picked from his observatory glasses, and stitched on the digital canvas in an interesting tale. Samir Narayan depicts the caricature of the everyday life of mango people. His powerful caliber is to place the characters of his illustration on a twisted frame of expressions to bring them alive and bring you joy among many other emotions. Enjoy this Folklorist expressing the urban turbulence of the modern century!

Samir Narayan is an artist who has built his illustrated world out of all the bricks that life has thrown at him - a benevolent mind with a joyfully crafted personality mirroring his work! 

Born to a father whose occupation has been painting, Samir's talent is endowed with fraternal support, but with maternal loss. In his own words, "I truly came to life as an artist after I lost my mother. Having been under the weather emotionally and within an isolated state of mind, I only came closer to self-discovery during the lowest times in my life.

Having to follow in his own unique path in the world of digitalised art, Samir Narayan is quite grateful to his online admirers and is sincerely learning the way of illustrative technicalities.

When it comes to his signature element, Samir has a dedicated inclination towards expression. He sets to sketch characters whose expressions paint the story for their spectators. And, to bring his characters to life, he has a characteristic secret ingredient - Observe, Observe and Observe.


You capture City life through your art like nobody else. It acts as a crispy playful haze as opposing to the cruel realities of urban life. How are you so impeccable with your illustration in terms of creating these dimensions?

Samir :  I am an observer. Though being a pro-introspective individual, I am inspired by my surroundings. On a normal day, I can be found taking a walk around my city as a break from my work, and whatever movements I see around me become an art piece. I explore life intently, encompassing me and in the process, I capture the people being a part of the eternal circus of the world. My niche is not limited to urban life. I let my imagination take its flight in whichever space I can perceive a sense of definitive consciousness without any pretense.


Then, putting these observatory notes under the radar of illustrative poses and giving these characters their own set of peculiar emotions becomes the core task of any concept draft. The expression board of my artworks comes with layers of interpretive folds. I rejoice in giving these characters the quirkiness and jolting vibrancy to create a story in which they get to speak of their existence.

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